What is the Black Wren project about :
Black Wren is a fast, secure and lightweight web browser. It was formerly known as JetBrowser, but the proprietary world stole the name. Black Wren is now being developed for Linux (and specifically for Cinux), Windows, Windows Phone and Android, the Greek Linux project. It's based on the WebKit engine, it supports tabs, source viewing and inspecting. It's written in C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the user interface in Python. Black Wren is the default web browser of iQunix.
JetBrowser is a web browser that respects the anonymity of it's users. See the screenshots bellow.

JetBrowser has changed and as of now supports automatic updating through Github. I advise you to run the following in your Linux terminal you wish to have the latest release and cutting edge of anonymous browsing. FOR NEW VERSIONS RUN AS FOLLOWING
user ~ # cd /opt
user /opt # git clone https://github.com/conmarap/jetbrowser.git 
user /opt # rm -r jetbrowser/modules/mainline
user /opt # cd jetbrowser/modules
user /opt/jetbrowser/modules # git clone git://gitorious.org/git-python/mainline.git

Visit the Cinux Blog for more information.

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